Master Key Week 7

We are all a work in progress.  The progression only ceases when we do!


MasterKey Week 8

Each Day presents with renewed opportunity.  Sometimes keeping up is a worthy challenge!

Press Release

9am Monday morning, September 18, 2019 finds me sitting with Elbert Spruce, from The Local Daily paper, on the wooden deck in West Virginia, over looking the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Steam rises from our TrimCafe Coffee in the cool mist of the morning air.  Our blue suede jackets offer just enough warmth as we cradle our coffee cups in our hands.

Elbert- How did you manage to arrive in these Mountains?

Laurie- Through setting goals and focusing on retraining my mind to accept MY plans instead of others plans.  These mountains are amazing and I love being part of them.

Elbert- How does it feel to live your dream?

Laurie- Totally Amazing!  The Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia offer beauty and peace.  I am surrounded by 12 acres of Awesomeness!  I have chickens ruling the grounds.  My inground swimming pool is solar heated with a dome so we enjoy swimming all year round!  My workshop brings a smile to my face every morning I walk into it.  I set my goals and never looked back!

Elbert- Once you set your goals, how long did it take you to accomplish your dreams?

Laurie- That’s a really great question.  The amazing thing is almost immediately I started to see positive results in my life.  MY attitude change and I drew Positive Energy into my surroundings.  Likes gather Likes!  Suddenly I was filled with more positive energy than I even knew what to do with.  I ran with it, never looking back, only focusing on the joy of today.

Elbert- What do you find most enjoyable about your day?

Laurie- Freedom.  I have options and I love that freedom.  Adventures around each corner excite me.  The awesomeness of the mountains takes my breath away.  Each sunrise brings the promise of another experience.  Each sunset brings Thanks for the experience.

Elbert- Do you have any suggestions for others?

Laurie- Take grasp of YOUR time here!  It’s your life, your dreams, your time.  Spend wisely, appreciate everything, grow, nurture and Love.

MasterKey Week 5

Never underestimate the outcome of the journey.  You may find treasures along the path that lead to unforeseen rewards at the end of the journey!  Own It!

MasterKey Week 3

The consistent reminders that your greatness already resides in you is helpful.  Give yourself permission to explore it!