Week2MasterKey journey continues. Stepping stones moving forward.


Master Key Week 4

Wow, Grateful for this week!  4 years ago, I was pretty darn good at encorporating much of the Master Key program without even knowing what that system was!  But life’s “experiences/events” caused distraction and confusion to “Me”.  Week 4 has been quite heartwarming as I have experienced a resurgence of my forward moving life of 4 years ago.   I am well pleased with my progress this week and look forward to building on this foundation!  Amazing.  It’s like being physically in top shape, having an accident that physically put you at 40% capacity and now reaching 75% capacity.  That’s quite an achievement when medical “experts” said I’d never reach more than 50% capacity!  Love being the example of what determination, persistence and dedication to my Creator can do!